Veranstaltungshinweis: Suburban Benefit im about:blank

Achtung, Achtung, am 18. Oktober passiert gar nichts im La Casa. Geht halt in's about:blank:

Gentrification reaches the outskirts of berlin. In order to preserve our project for the future, we plan to purchase the house, which has been home to the project since 14 years.The mutual aim is a society of emancipated and enlightened individuals who act self-determined. In contrary to state-driven youth clubs the activists engage here without the lead or control of social workers, so everyone can realize her/his ideas and conceptions of alternate ways of life and cultural activities.

Come and party with us to support our alternative youth project in Berlin's far east. Celebrate for the subcultural future!

APARDE - keller (live) /// SEVENSOL - kann rec. /// fr.JPLA - ifz /// AKMÊ - ://about blank /// LAKEHEAD - nabla /// BLACKWALL - opossum (live) /// STORCH - 82 dresden /// SPULE BYWERK - motion /// HKS97 - freude am sitzen /// POLYGRAPHIC HATE ALLIANCE - /// ARUKU HITO - la casa /// ASHLEY KHOLE - fischritze / dichtammittag /// C&K - kater blau /// RNB /// NOPOPNOSYLE /// SCHNÖSELPÖBEL

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