6. September 2003: Konzert mit Distemper & Argies

Vorderseite des Flyers zum 6. September 2003
Rückseite des Flyers zum 6. September 2003
Distemper Ska-Punk Moscow Argies Latino-Clash-Punk - Argentinien Terminkalender Sonnabend 06.09. 21.00 Uhr Konzert Distemper ska punk / moskau Argies latino clash punk / argentinien Sonnabend 13.09. 21.00 Uhr Kiezdisco Freitag 24.10. 21.00 Uhr Konzert Disorder punk / england Tor Johns punk / duesseldorf You call me a terrorist while you load your gun You suppose resistance is a sysnonym for violence You're the one who 's watching me whereever i may go You're the one who gave me numbers rapes my personality You're the one who pulls the trigger, a minor majority! This is not monopoly - get your asses out of here! You're the one who puts the fire, holds water hoses on demonstrators You're the one who steals resources, sells it as democracy! You're the one breads fascism, substitutes of the bourgeoisie You're the one who puts pressure, the legal arm of hypocrisy Petrograd
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